Egotronic - saalschutz luxus

While, compared to bands like Egotronic or Frittenbude , not being explicitly political in their lyrics, Saalschutz supports political initiatives such as I Can't Relax in Deutschland [4] or Rage Against Abschiebung . [5]

In their style, the band combines the attitude and the sociocritical pretensions of punk rock with elements from Electronic music and Synthpop . Egotronic closely cooperates with other Audiolith bands, such as Frittenbude or Saalschutz, which also show stylistic similarities. One of Egotronic's characteristics is the extensive use of Commodore 64 and Atari sounds, which are, however, produced on contemporary computers. [1] Especially sounds that are well-known from classic computer games are often used in the songs; even the music videos are reminiscent of those old computer games.

Egotronic - Saalschutz LuxusEgotronic - Saalschutz LuxusEgotronic - Saalschutz LuxusEgotronic - Saalschutz Luxus