Irmin schmidt - you make me...nervous

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Besombes was requested to produce a soundtrack "in the style" of those Pink Floyd tracks used. However he came up with that and more. Always aiming to find new ways of musical expression, he produced music that fitted perfectly in what the filmakers needed but which was totally of his own. Surrounded by a cast of friends he locked himself in the basement of his girlfrend's father (who even ended up providing the finnancial funds for the project to reach an end!) and taped the amazing sounds that conform the 'Libra' soundtrack, a landmark in french electronic tripping music which gives us synthesizer and even sitar sounds as good as what you can hear in more commercially successful LPs like Pink Floyd's 'Ummagumma' or 'Obscured By Clouds'.  Besombes would later form in 1977 the space rock group Hydravion, and is also known as the producer of several other Pôle/Tapioca releases such as Melody or Henri Roger.

Irmin Schmidt - You Make Me...NervousIrmin Schmidt - You Make Me...NervousIrmin Schmidt - You Make Me...NervousIrmin Schmidt - You Make Me...Nervous